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PP woven bag
PP woven composited kraft paper bag
Bopp color printed woven bag
Flexible packaging
Packing bag for pharmaceuticals
Bulk bag
film/inner bag(food grade)
Plastic raw materials
kraft paper bag
block bottom valve bag
Our business
 I,  Import:
We import the related  main raw materials as following:
1, polypropylene( PP)

brand Country of origin Melt flow rate usage
H030sg India 2.0 Pp woven bag
1102k Saudi Arabic 2.0 Pp woven bag/jumbo bag
H030gp Russia 2.5-3.5 Jumbo bag
Hc116fb Singapore 3.2 Pp woven bag
Hgx030sp Saudi Arabic 2-3 Pp woven bag
2, linear low density polyethylene(l LLDPE)

brand Country of origin Melt flow rate usage
3224 Taiwan 2.0  
3305 Korea 2.0  
Q2018h Qatar 2.0  
218w Saudi Arabic 2.0  
118w Saudi Arabic 1.0  
218b Saudi Arabic 2.0  
7410a Thailand 2.0  
II, sales
1, pp and lldpe  raw materials
2, pp woven bags ,  jumbo bag ,flexible packages

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